Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Class #5 Part3 Project #1 Underwater Scene

In Class Assignment: In your sketchbooks, finish developing you underwater sea characters; the businessman, the old lady, and the teenager.
Then using your underwater reference, begin to develope various underwater backgrounds.

PROJECT #1: UNDERWATER SCENE - create an underwater scene, using the three characters you developed. The scene must take place in any of the following locations; a bus stop, a library, a school, a mall/store, or a doctor's office.
Don't forget to refer to your research when developing these underwater worlds.
Remember, everything must be true to the backstory of the world your characters inhabit.

Rough Sketches are due next week (3/7/11).
FINAL ART (in color, printed and mounted) due 3/21/11.

Class #5 Part2 Backgrounds, Props & Research

When faced with a new project (a book, graphic novel, animation, or game), the first thing you must do is read the manuscript, and begin to research the world you are about to illustrate. Even if the world never existed, or no longer exists, researching similar worlds will help you to develope believable backgrounds and props.

For a recent project, I needed to recreate ancient Rome and Pompeii. Through museum visits, magazines, books, and researching on location in Italy, I was able to recreate a series of buildings, rooms and various props to make my world more believable.

The following images are some of the background images I created for an ongoing project about ancient Rome.

Class #5 Part1 Backgrounds & Props

Once you have created your characters, you will need a believable world in which they will live.
Backgrounds and props create a mood, and helps the viewer get involved with the story.
Props and backgrounds must be true to the characters back story. For example, the Flintstones, a stone-age family, live in a prehistoric world populated with dinosaurs. Their home is a cave-like dwelling, their appliances are prehistoric creatures. Everything, including the flora and fauna are based on research of a prehistoric world.

Home sweet cave.


a garbage disposal...

instant camera ...


record player ...


police car...


When they bar-b-que, you know the steaks are from a dinosaur.

Updated Fred, with computer and mouse.

Every situation and story line that the Flintstones and the Rubbles experience, are true to their back story and environment.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Class #4, Part 2 Expression Sheet

In Class Assignment #2: Fill out 25 Essential Expression Challenge sheet, using your previously developed character based on your self-portraits.

HOMEWORK: 1. In your sketchbooks create three new underwater characters based on last weeks research of fish, etc. Characters must be a business man; an old lady; and a teenager.
2. Research images of underwater topography, fauna, etc. Bring in next week.

Class #4, Part 1 Self Portrait Character

In Class Assignment: In your sketchbook create a simplified character based on your self portraits.

Class #3 Part 3 Facial Proportions & Planes

Use the reference above to help create your self-portraits.

Class #3 Part 2 Character Types

In Class Assignment: Based on the three character types above, create in your sketchbooks 3 characters types each for a Pirate, a Cowboy, and a Robot. For a total of 9 Characters.
HOMEWORK: 1. In you sketchbooks, create a realistic Self portrait. Due next week.
2. Research images for an underwater character. Fish, crustaceans, etc. Bring in next week.